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Built on passion

We’re built on passion by individuals that have embraced a better, more collaborative, and efficient way. Our facilities and manufacturing processes were engineered to remove the roadblocks that can be found at larger, less nimble organizations.

Adding more with mixed materials

Our broad access to mixed materials like metal, veneer, and solid surfaces to unique mixed materials such as patina steel, cork, and river logs, forms the foundation of both our standard and custom product lines. This diverse palette enables us to craft furniture that seamlessly integrates quality, creativity, and functionality, ensuring each piece reflects our commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Making it right in Muskegon

We partner with a diverse range of brands, extending our reach into key markets such as health sciences, education, and government sectors. In addition to our comprehensive product range, our partnerships include access to installation services and expert metal fabricators, for a seamless and efficient process for our clients from start to finish.